January 1, 2011


So I know its already a new year and haven't even posted Christmas picture well i'm doing that now as I have a little time to blog so i'll be doing a couple of posts right now...we had four Christmas's this year and i'm so glad it is over with it was one of the longest weekends ever...Friday we had Christmas at our house with just Erik, the girls, and I and they got to open there presents from us, then Saturday we went to Erik's family in the morning and my moms in the evening and when we got home our house looked like a hoarders because of the mounds of  presents the girls received it was almost ridiculous hehe, and then the next day we went to Erik's moms house were we celebrated it with his grandma who wasn't able to make it on Christmas so I was pooped by then..but all in all it was a great Christmas and I had to take four bags of toys to goodwill just to fit all there new stuff in NUTS...

Christmas at our home

Chloe loves dora

handmade goodies were for sure mixed in the bunch as I made over 30 gifts this year I really didn't know what I was thinking

the gift that Sora was holding in the picture before this and in this one were tutorials I found at the purl bee (beach ball, and the sheep pillow) she loves both of them, Chloe got a sheep too and I embroidered their names in each one :)

playing with her weebles 

the girls playing after opening there toys i made both outfits Chloe's I made a little tutorial on and if you want I could just pretty much explain Sora's easy peasy and CUTE :)

and this is all chloe asked for, she walked right up to santa and said "I would like a hungry hungry hippo game please" and that santa we took them to was cute he read to them and everything..but she got nervous after a bit and couldn't remember what else she wanted hehe

and I made this for erik he wore it for three days straight I think he liked it :) my hubby is a big Marvel, DC, comic, video game junky and yeah fits perfect 

Oh i forgot to mention above that later after we opened present at our home we went over to Erik's parents because it was Erik's brother Bubba's (AKA Scott) birthday the big 21...and his mom Ana made homemade tacos shells and all oh was it yummy so now its pictures of that :) this is going to be a crazy long post...

Erik's mom and Petal

Uncle Aaron (Erik's other brother) Sora Chloe and Petal
You see all the girls wearing those cute little clippies a tutorial is coming of those also :)

they love each other

see he is wearing it :)

happy birthday bubba

now this is Christmas day
Seferina and her daddy rudy (another one of Erik's brothers)

Seferina and Chloe they are ten months apart (Chloe is older the first grand baby and Sefi came shortly after)

Chloe asked uncle Rudy why he had so many tattoos and he gave them both a little butterfly tattoo on their hand, and they understand they liked it :)

my sister in law (petal's mommy) likes panda's so I made this cute girly panda for her 

here is a better view of it the eyes are pearls

now at my moms
me and my sorita

chloe got an entire band set ahhh lol

my mom compromised and got cardinals seeing we live in AZ but Erik is a vikings fan and my mom a packers seeing where from Wisconsin...

and when sora opened this gift my mom surprised all of us saying next christmas where all going to disneyland..yah

and this is what are living room looked like when we got home, bob was like what is all this (our cat)

more on the table

and look at that holey moley thats alot of candy

and the next day back at erik's parents
erik's grandma (GG to the girls) and Petal

Chloe and Nana

Sora and Taid (AKA scott Erik's dad)

Sora in her new bed and yo gabba gabba bedding, they also got four pillow pets this year crazy all different ones too...

After getting all their new toys what do they play with a box lol thats kids for you

okay i'm done I swear but it was a fun exhausting Christmas and yes I would do it all over again...

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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