December 18, 2010

featuring miss Sadie

So I would love if anybody who has order from me to get pictures of their little cuties in my designs, and I will feature your little ones on my blog if you are okay with that...I'm featuring little miss Sadie today she is by far one of the cutest babies around and her mom Coleen is one of the sweetest moms around..she sent me a picture of her in my miss turkey skirt and a custom onesie for her a two layered bow..she is a great customer to work with and she has great style for her little cutie pie here is the picture of Sadie...

Isn't she adorable, can't wait for her mom to take more picture of her so I can show her off, she could be my little model on etsy :)

Thanks again Coleen for everything 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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