November 17, 2010


So I guess you have noticed that since i'm not feeling well i'm just posting away, I need to not feel well more often haha not it sucks...but any who I actually got to sew yesterday don't ask how I guess my pain meds were being good to me :) so this is just a post of some things I made yesterday..oh and more boys things we be up in the next couple of days to all my mommies with boys :)...

I'm on a scarf kick if you were to check out my etsy shop you would know what i'm talking about :)

Its the size of her head haha, it's for us ladies but wanted to see how it looked on my Chlo-bugs...she liked it...but she likes anything mom makes, I love when I come out with something new for her and she says "is this for me mom"? me "it is" and she runs up to me and gives me a hug and says"thank you mom,it's so pretty i love it". It's super cute and melts my heart :) I love her, and I can't believe she will be four soon now thats just crazy talk.

So I decided to put the turkey on the back of her skirt, it's a cute touch to spice up a plain skirt...if you don't have anything for you little girl to wear yet for thanksgiving. I'm selling the little miss turkey skirt in my etsy shop just a different skirt style :)...

Here is photo of the miss turkey skirt

I always do deals on my etsy too, just ask.....

and then this little number I had no idea where I was going with it lol Erik called her a clown, I actually think she looks cute in this picture. But then you take a look at the next picture and it truly is a cupcake madness

She is just to darn cute though, I can't believe Sora bora will be two soon kids grow up WAY to fast I miss the baby stage but so happy to have two healthy growing girls. Who are just way too smart for me sometimes :)

Their my life for sure

Lastly we have a maternity shirt that I wore with both girls cut of the arms and made it in to a dress for Chloe added a cute huge flower, really into huge flowers, bow I just love it...As I was about to take a picture of chloe in her "new" dress my camera was to full so we will get one with her in it soon :)

And there you have it my adventure being on Vicodin, jeeze I can get a lot accomplished haha or so maybe I thought. Hope you enjoyed the things I made, i'm putting the scarf on etsy...because mommy's have to walk around in style if your daughter's are :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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