November 26, 2010

princess crowns ~ tutorial

When I was at the ER the other day with my hubby in pain with his kidney stones I brought my "idea/drawing" book with. Everything I come up with goes into my book I make and then I mark it off....well there is a lot more to be made then marked off lol I need to get any who I  came up with these little crowns because Chloe is in her princess stage. Everyday she has to where a dress and shes a new princess, it's cute but she will only answer to the princess that she is of the day, so she gets upset when I call her Chloe hehe...and of course whatever Chloe likes Sora likes so I had to make one for her too. Here is a tutorial of Sora's because Chloe just wanted her's done she didn't want to wait for steps and pictures...

hot glue gun
hair clip

take your template piece place it on your felt color of your choice cut out

Now I folded it to wear I was going to glue the back and I just took a pen and drew an S, but you could really do anything, numbers for a birthday, or bows endless possibilities. 

now embroider your letter

now glue the back together

now place your crown on either the same colored felt or different I did different because I have lots of gray felt :) and draw around it

place hot glue around the circle and stick your crown on to the felt

once dry cut all of the excess gray felt off

glue a strip of felt down for your hair clip to slip through

like so, and your finished go find your little one and shove it in her hair :)

or your self :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. LOL!! She looks so happy in her princess crown!!! I think I will be making this for my niece for christmas to go with her dress up hutch!!! TFS!


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