November 14, 2010

On Monday I need to get surgery done they found pre-cancerous cells so they need to go in and take them out sounds scary but i'm just ready for my body to be healthy, so I can get back to life how it usually is. I'm thinking over the next couple of weeks i'll be either updating more frequently or not at all lol.

But any who everyone else is doing great here Erik starts his new job on Monday (sucks that he wont be there with me) but I understand, and the girls are being girls. Does anyone else's girls just hate getting their hands dirty, because mine do.

so this post is random if you can tell, the next post I do i'll show you how to make this little high waist skirt from a button up shirt...(this is the back of the skirt)

does it look familiar

This was one of my first sales on Etsy, just think of the options you can do with these cute little skirts. i'll show you one I made for Chloe at the end of the tutorial. It will be up today I promise :)

until then...

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Hope you get on OK on MOnday. I had the same thing and it wasnt as bad as I thought so try not to worry. xxx

  2. How lucky your little girls are to have such a talented mom.

    Found you through the Sunday blog hops.


  3. Hope you have a great week!!

    Patty (Nana Poppins)


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