November 3, 2010


Sorry this is so late but I've been extremely busy lately with sales and school and kiddos you get the jest :o)...Halloween Erik the girls and I went trick or treating with our neighbors that have truly grown into a great friendships pretty much every neighbor we have has kids Chloe and Sora's age so it works here are some pictures of our fun trick or treating...And also all the parents dressed up as well so it was a lot of fun...
here is a picture of petals finished gnome costume she looked so cute in it and everyone loved it hehe

me and deja she is cool she can teach you how to dougie hehe

my garden fairy I scraped the little red riding hood the night before Halloween because I just didn't like the way it turned out lol 

she was not in a good mood at all from waking up from her nap to early 

my mom stopped by to see the girls in their costumes

this yummy concoction Brent and Teri came up was really yummy I loved how it was smoking from the dry ice

Erik and I (I was wearing Soras bunny hat lol) but I was a harry potter character and Erik was a tourist 

kaleb and Sora lol look at her face

Milak and Chloe


Emily Brent's daughter

Damien and Chloe


they were beat by the end

Tricia the Egyptian, Cody "the mexican" LOL and petal

finally got half a smile

finally candy time

I hope you had a Fun Halloween and trick or treating with your little one

Peace Love and Cupcakes


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