November 6, 2010

Free brings a twinkle to my eye

So If you haven't noticed yet that shutterfly is giving this amazing 50 free holiday cards for us bloggers, isn't that awesome? As I was sitting here looking through all the amazing designs to pick through I was wondering which one will I choose. I mean come on look at all of these cute options to choose from all there christmas cards here


Here are just a few of the ones I love from the Christmas card selection I love the bright colors and its just looks cheerful and inviting!! And I think the one we are going to choose is the bright colored lights cards they just fit my family so well with a touch of color and black and white the rest of the way through I just love it.

Make sure you check them all out for your family all there cards are super cheap and they even have religious cards found here , for all the lovely people who are religious. 

They even have party invitation found here how cute would one of these be for your huge Christmas party for work or a small party at your house the options are endless, so take a look you wont be disappointed with the amount of options they have to fit your needs. had to show you one last card because these are to stinking cute!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. How did you get 50 for free?

  2. Is there a special promo code you have to use to get the 50 free cards? I went on shutterfly and can't find it.
    Thanks a Bunch

  3. hey guys to get the 50 free you go to this link here and fill it out and some one will write you telling you what you need to do next :)


  4. Sorry i meant to say hey girls my bad :)

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    Thanks! :)


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