November 16, 2010

boys oh boys what to do

Calling all moms with boys I'm starting to make little boys clothing, and I would love any input on what your little boy wears and what you like to put on him. Thank you for your feedback ahead of time, I've came up with some ideas on my own but I would like some ideas from others...

Who said boys can't wear pink, I dyed this onesie myself. If I had a little boy he would totally wears this :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. CAMO! Maybe it's because many of my family members are in the military, or because it's the only real print that boys of all ages can wear and still be considered cool, but I love love love camo. My little guy wears a lot of it.

  2. YAHHH thank you for commenting back I actually have camo never have touched since i bought it not you got me thinking :)

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  4. oh whoa I need to know how to spell lol

  5. Anything superhero or dino related. My son won't wear pink - his rule not mine... and he is only three! ;)

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