October 13, 2010

using up more scraps

I've been slacking on sewing lately but for good reasons like getting back into the groove of school, mine and Erik's anniversary, and unnecessary drama :)...
So has everyone seen lately Disney from ruffles and stuff has come back to us for the moment..but I was looking through her tutorials the other day trying to still get most of my fabric scraps out of the house. And I came across her little caterpillar toys for babies and decided to make some I made one for Sora and one for Petal...Sora likes her she slept with it the night I gave it to her so its a hit...
Oh and did I mention that I miss my kids like crazy they have been with GG for the past three days (thats the longest they have ever been away from us) its to quite in the house.... 

if you want to make one of your own go to Disney's blog, she has a great tutorial plus pattern for this cute little guy

and I have to show you this cute picture Chloe drew of her self I love it 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Sooooo cute! Love the fabric you chose. Oh, and I nominated you for The Most Versatile Blogger Award at http://spontaneousday.blogspot.com/2010/10/today-i-got-award.html


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