August 22, 2010

Peanut Hair Clip

Here is the tutorial on how I made the peanut hair clip, pretty much the same way I did the peanuts on the shirt in the previous post but just a few different steps here we go...
The pattern I used for the shirt

needle, hair clip, thread, felt, pattern

cut two peanut shapes

Take one of the peanuts and cut a slit, this will be for the hair clip to be inserted 

like so

Then I embroidered the middle of the peanut first

Placed it on top of the other peanut with the clip in place and embroidered the rest of the way around

There you have it a peanut hair clip super simple

next will being making the elephant for the skirt..stay tuned

Peace Love and Cupcakes


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    You are so creative! Anf your baby girls are lovely!

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  4. I really need to try some felt clips! I'm just so used to making fabric flowers now I can't break free! Great job!


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