August 30, 2010


If you know me you would know I was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved the day I graduated high school. And guess what were going home in a week I could scream i'm so excited its a sudden thing (details why are private). But I haven't been there in four years so it will be a much over due visit, I can't wait to see everyone. So blogging will be cut even shorter for a couple of weeks now, hope you don't mind maybe i'll get another tutorial up before we leave...

Jumping with joy for

Peace Love and Cupcakes

P.s here are two pictures of things I made this week. one is a pattern from the wild olive (the sewing machine) and the other is a bag I was following noodleheads tutorial and end up with something way different haha oh well...

I was going to make this into a hairclip but scratched that and made a pin I love it hehe (check out wild olive they have awesome stuff)

sorry about these pictures but this is my "college" bag made from two maternity dress that obviously don't fit me no more :)(and don't forget to check noodlehead out as well)


  1. That bag is too cute! It is such a happy thing to look at!

  2. Does that mean your a Packer Fan!
    Go Pack!

  3. Also if you ever see a Packers Xmas tree topper please, please, please email me the link.
    I have to have a small Packer helmet on top of my tree every year. I live in a house full of males. My poor light up angel has to be set aside. lol


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