July 27, 2010

Random things

These pictures are from last Christmas time of a hole bunch of things i've made so here we go...
Winter scarf tied together with a huge ribbon bow
And then my two mini me versions

Christmas Shoes the girls wore in the Christmas photos

Here are a version of shoes I made from ruffles and stuffs slippers found here.

Some Necklaces and gifts I made

And these are two things I made for the girls the dress was the first dress I ever made so I had to post it :)
This is what Sora wore at her birthday party with some leg warmers and her party hat

Puffed sleeves with rosette flowers pockets and button closure in back

Peace Love and Cupcakes

P.s. I'm about to go take my photo shoot for the lil blue boo ugly knit up-cycle can't wait :)

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