July 11, 2010

I Love my Beauty cakes

I love my little girls I know I say this every post but I truly do, they just inspire me I made them some new things lately wanted to share with I guess my self...
I got this dress my from neighbor who gave me the table in this post she cool and she gave me and riki handfuls of clothes that i've already made a couple more dress's that are in the works at the moment...
but this dress was turned into this

I love her

then the blanket she is standing on I saw on I believe, I am momma hear me rawer when her sister redid her friends baby's room the bed spread is were I got the idea and I love it..

the fabric color go throughout the girls room and there room is almost completely finished it taking about a year lol (I know but i'm a full time student and mom) pictures will be up really soon i made this from an old blanket from there room and a sheet we had ling around sewed them together cut out a pattern for the circles and flowers I just free handed them and viola this is it...

And then another thing I made for Chloe I made at 1:30 am last night so thats why there still pins in the shoes I just need to sew it on and its done

do you like it? I do I drew up this design about a year ago and last night around ten i sewed tulle onto the bottom of the shirt and but a cute high heel on the front for my diva.. I organized all my work that I've done and want to get done soon and this is one of many more to come of everything thats cooking up in this brain of mine now i'm off to do more homework it seems like its never ending but its soo worth I just have to think....

Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda

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