June 11, 2010

Sweet little one year old

On May 28th 2010, a week after Latoya and Yoshi's baby shower we had to go our friends one year old daughter Savannah's birthday party so this is just a little post on what I made for her...

I made her a little hobo bag like Kai's bag from the Made tutorial, next was a skirt i decided to wipe up and put an S for Savannah :) next I've been making a lot of these petal tutu skirts there adorable and you know where I saw them and just had to try and make them was house husbands of Hollywood i know i know ever since I've started working my husband watches that show haha but i happened to be watching for the couple seconds i have a day and saw one of there daughter wearing one well i had to have one for my girls and every girl i know :)

Before my shirt from high school 

after i like it 

the back and the inside on the shirt was an old shirt that never fit right on me when I was small so I was figuring why even try putting it on now 

i don;t have the greatest sewing skills lol but for some reason i liked making a hole bunch of sew line over the S for a different look...

I sewed a ribbon around the top of hers so you wouldn't see the elastic as much and has red white and pink petals in it this is a bad lighting picture it actually pink tulle.

I also whipped up a set of hair clips for her I love how easy these are to make and they come out so cute.

Lastly I seem to never be able to make a black apple doll right it kind of bums me out :( but oh well i still kind like how it came out haha its for a one year old I hope she wont judge to much :)

Heres are just two pictures from the party one with me and the birthday girl and the other of the birthday girl with her mommy and daddy...


Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda

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