May 9, 2010

Summer love

so the other day I was going through my closet (were I stash all my fabric and old clothes that one day I will use all up) so I found an old pair of dress pants and I knew I would never wear them again so I chopped the pants in half so you have to legs then cut the legs to make two pieces per leg so 4 pieces of fabric all together and then I took two piece put them right side together sewed left a space to push the fabric right side out then sewed the fabric in to a circle and took lace that i've had that been piling up slip stitched it and formed a flower and viola an awesome EASY summer scarf i've seriously made 10 of these and I live in AZ I don't care i'll wear them in 120 degree weather that how I roll :) don't mind the gross hair and the un-ironed scarf :) I do things quick in this house...
Peace Love and Cupcakes Amanda :)

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