March 24, 2010

Re do of the girl's pictures

I have had these pictures this one ballerina dress, then ballerina slippers, and the last picture was a heart with princess written over it, So seeing i was re-doing there room in cupcakes thats exactly what I did!!!

So this is what I did I first got the fabrics that I liked and I love sewing in a tube so I wraps the fabric around the picture and glued it with fabric glue and all the embellishment I used sewing in a tube works wonders!!!                                                            Before

I love the way they turned out for the one to the left I just did a running stitch a three pieces of pink fabric and rolled them into a flower shape.. and with the one to the right i sewed down the middle of a fairly long piece of white fabric pulled the thread, and made it into a flower kind of and it just reminds me of amount of frosting LOVE it :)!!!! I know these are not the greatest explanation but I will begin to start taking pictures step by step to explain easier!!!
Love peace and cupcakes :) Amanda

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