October 25, 2011

baby # 3

I know "they" say you get bigger faster with every pregnancy but I feel like i'm a beef cake/ beached whale already and i'm only 11 weeks, sad? I thought so! I got to see my little gummy bear a couple of weeks ago to figure out how far a long I was cause I had no idea, and I was 7 weeks it was so crazy to see this little life in me all over again. My third child what in the world are we getting our selves into?

Chloe couldnt be happier she is convienced she is getting her baby brother and when people mention girl she gets upset so I dont know how she is going to take it if it is another girl, poor thing lol I think because she has to deal with sora everyday she wants a brother. Sora understands but doesnt, she points at my belly and says baby but I dont think she understands that there is going to be some one younger than her coming soon and i'm not sure she is going to like that to much.

I was violently sick with both my girls, but with this one i'm just nauseous and only threw up once so because of that I think it may be our little boy that would be amazing, because I am getting my tubes tide when I have this little one so we would LOVE to complete our family with our son!

Either way we are going to love this bundle of joy just like our girls we are happy and thats all that matters (huge right ugh no bueno) :) hope everyone has been doing good! I wish I had energy to do anything these days but it's aweful, five classes and in the first trimster is not a very good combo but you know what i'm passing all my classes and i'm pushing through so in the end everything is going to be alright! But I could use a coffee from time to time

On another note in 60 days it's CHRISTMAS does that make you sick to your stomach cause just typing that made my stomach turn...ugh...I need to blow the dust off my sewing machine and start making stuff!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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