June 8, 2011

booster seat ~ tutorial

I made a booster seat for Sora a couple of days ago, and Chloe got jealous (we are at the jealous stage with both of them) so today I made one for Chloe and made a tutorial out of it. It only takes about 20 minutes or less to make up so this is a fun, easy, useful item to have in your house. It also has a handle so it's great for traveling with, this is my version I know some of you are going to be like why did she do that i'll explain as I go!!!

the handle is velcro to be able to go around the chair and great to carry around

an old book (I know why right you will see)

cut two pieces of fabric bigger than your book 

then put right sides together zig zag or serge three sides keep one side open

now you want to sew each end side ways like if you were making a purse 

you can see it a little better in this picture

now cut off the ends not cutting where you just sewed just the excess 

flip it right side out it will look like this

place your book in the booster now you want it to be on the bottom so when the little ones sit down they have more "boost" instead of sinking in to the booster.

now get your stuffing 

all of your stuffing will go around and on top of the book

stuff it full!!!

now stitch the opening closed

what it looks like at this point

now for the handle cut a piece twice the width and just a little bit longer than the booster, serge it closed, flip right side out

measure how big your Velcro needs to be and I actually hot glued mine on because, the sticky Velcro does not stick for that long!!!

sew one side on and the other side of the handle will be the velcro and you are finished, it is much easier then you think and perfect for little ones who can never see their food when they are eating

Sora and Chloe's new booster seats 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. What a fantastic tutorial! thanks for sharing! so glad i found your blog through thirsty thursday hop!
    I'm now following you!
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