March 15, 2011

Valentines dresses~ tutorial Craft 9

I had boughten XL mens t-shirts for Christmas to make some shirts for the guys in the family and I had so many shirts left over with, that I decided to re vamp them up. This is just one project I made and i'm going to show you how I made them, my girls wore them on valentines. I love hearts there just so darn cute and my girls look cute sporting hearts around. this project was when my camera was in the shop so sorry for the bad pictures ahead!!!

on to the tutorial

XL t shirt
fabric paint
freezer paper
embroidery thread and needle

grab a dress you already have or make your own pattern, then place on top of the shirt and cute around 

cut an inch or two more around the dress for sewing together 

and you will have two pieces that look just like this

fold down the collar and arms twice and sew

it should look like this kind of hard to see

after you sewed up both pieces you want to get your embroidery thread of your choice and you needle

and I embroiderer on the back piece in the bottom corner love me

and now you want to cut out a template from your freezer paper and iron into place

put something under your dress and paint your heart

after you heart dries place both you pieces right side together and sew up the sides and you are done...and then I went and put my logo "patricia rae designs" on there and called it a day after making one more for Sora

Sora's dress on the back says kiss me 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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