August 17, 2010

Today I found out that school is going to be a couple months longer then I anticipated which I guess i'm okay with but I wish that I could just be done now. I've only been in school, (it will be two years in November) but feels like a life time just because I want to become a nurse I will have everything accomplished in life before my girls even started school. But I see my self graduating by the time Chloe enters 1st grade which I guess is an accomplishment seeing that I am making something of my life and I want my kids to have the world on there shoulders without being spoiled rotten :)

But I don't even know why i'm complaining so much because right after I graduate and get a job as a nurse i'm going right for my bachelors and then to my masters, who has the world on there shoulders now... no i'm kidding but it's going to be really nice to be that nurse practitioner that i'm patently awaiting to become...

On another note I been into making little purse like the placemat purse and I wanted a little clutch that was cute but conventional for a new mommy that it's for, and this is what I came up with I have a tutorial to go with it I might put it up I might not

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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