August 15, 2010

Name clippies: a tutorial

So i'm not sure why I decided to make these, because I don't usually let the girls wear their names on any part of their body because this world is pretty scary if you ask me...but she will only wear it around family and I have my children 24 hours a day 7 days a week they never leave my side maybe thats why I need a much deserved break :)

on to the tutorial

grab your supplies

place your tacky looking template on top and start to "embroider" the name or anything really doesn't have to be a name

cut a slit in the back felt piece and put your snap through like so

now place the two pieces together

grab the same color or different color and were going to stitch around the entire name

so you don't see the knot at first take the thread through the top piece of felt at first and then start to stitch both pieces together

Looks super sloppy but this is just a trial and error hairclip

didn't come out to bad but you get the jest, now that I think about it i'm going to make a better one and put picture up of how you can put other things on them besides there names because i'm not sure if I like her name being on there anymore

so indecisive 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

on another note heres another tutorial that I might put up soon


  1. that is so cute. I have been wanting to make hair pins for my little girlie for sooo long but having issues with finding little pins so it is small and not too big for a little girlie.

  2. Adorable! MY 4 year old would love one of those, but "Natalie" would take a long time to sew. ;) I'm visiting from Jennifer's Tutorial Tuesday party. :)

  3. Cute! Your commentary cracked me up :) Thanks for the great idea. Hope you have a wonderful day! Be sure to visit my blog for a great giveaway!

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  4. aww thank you girls I wasn't to sure what everyone would think of them i'm glad you like it, I have started more little clippies so be sure to check back in a couple days thanks again :)


  5. Cute! Very creative! :)
    Thanks for linking up last week! :)


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