August 19, 2010

it's late....

so I talked to Latoya today and she said it was okay to post the picture so here is a picture of me and "baby Kai" as Chloe calls him...

and on a quick note I talked to Kelly from one of my favorite blogs sewing in no mans land as I mentioned her site before I guess you could say i'm obsessed lol, but i'm like jumping with joy because i'm going to be a guest blogger for her while she is away on a wonderful trip with her hubby go check her site out you wont be disappointed. 
So I was going through some of my old projects that i've been wanting to make and here is my perfect opportunity. So be sure to check out one of my new tutorials coming up on her blog

And on another note today I was featured on Someday Crafts thank you Michelle for featuring my sunburst mirror...

it's late and I should get to bed hope to have a productive Friday

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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