June 4, 2010

Baby boy hmm...

 Sorry its been awhile I have been so busy i'm now a full time student in four classes also working six days a week eight hours a day and i'm working my hardest to open my etsy shop which is so exciting for me because i've been wanting to start it up for awhile...but any who on May 23rd 2010 me and my family went to a good friends of ours baby shower there first baby and its a boy so i had to get my boy powers working i don;t have boys and i would be clueless if i did thank goodness my kids came out girls i would feel bad if i had a little boy hehe and this is what i made for little Kai who will be arriving in July....
So i made a hobo bag, newsboy cap,I heart mom shirt, Tie onesis, nursing cover and booties along with some stuff we bought nursing pads little things like that overall I love it because I have never made anything for a boy before and i couldn't have been more exciting i made the hobo bag from my husbands old button up shirt that hes to small for now..

After front
after back

I used made's tutorial HERE love her by the way she is amazing.
I also found how to make the newsboy cap at her blogspot when she did "Celebrate the boys" HERE.
the tie onesis i free handed my self along with the shirt nursing cover and booties.

Can't wait to see Kai when he arrives.

Mommy and Daddy to be Latoya and Yoshi 
There going to be amazing parents

Me and my family at the shower...

Peace Love and Cupcake Amanda

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