May 30, 2016

Sora Kairi's Graduation

I haven't blogged much about my personal life in awhile because of being in school, working along with being a mom and wife it's taken everything out of me. So crafting and blogging were placed on the back burner it's sucked because I wanted to blog but life was more important. Now that I have more time even though I start school on Monday i'm still going to blog more. But lets talk about Sora today and will talk about my other two loves on another post.

So we have known for awhile now that something wasn't quite right with her she was really struggling in school she started first grade this year, and about two weeks in I had a meeting we her teacher and a new teacher a kindergarten teacher. We talked about how Sora was not doing well at all so I just started bawling my eyes out because I just want the best for her and in the end we all decided to send her back down to kindergarten for another year. At first I was so embarrassed I just had my oldest go up a grade and now from the same parents we have a child go down a grade. I guess I just didn't want anyone judging Sora and it really got to me I cried a lot thinking about Sora and whats going to happen to her.

But after only a month or so we could see this HUGE change in her she was actually learning and doing her homework with out fussing etc. We thought it was because she was in special needs already getting the help she deserved. We had our first parent conference and she said she was doing better but still struggling in areas but getting better so I thought nothing of anything. Sora was in a class of a 11 so I thought that was helping as well with a smaller class there are less things going on around her to not get her in the state of panic she tends to get into.

But then two months before school ended for summer I had another teacher conference and this time you could tell something was up. She said I need to just tell you this straight out I have been fighting for Sora for months now to get into special needs and they just won't except her they said she has to be failing..I was in such shock I just keep saying I thought she was in it already what do you mean...and the principle keep texting her asking if I was okay blah blah and she said we finally got a meeting with the dude who does special needs and I was like okay? I really just needed to get out of that class room and the second I left I just bawling my eyes out once again my child isn't getting the help she needs. This is the entire reason we went to a charter school and this school is an 9 out of 10.

I went to the first meeting with him and I shouldn't have gone by my self but Erik had a doctors apt so I went. I went psycho on the dude he just walked away and set up another meet but with Erik I was just so tired of hearing my child has to be failing and all this crap what about her going down a grade how does that not count? So Erik went to the second meeting and he always does his research when he goes to interviews etc so he went in there knowing the laws and he came home with everything in order. Sora was in special needs two weeks later. But I just felt like they failed my daughter besides her god send of a teacher.

The entire time thinking shes getting special needs she really was getting help from a special human being, she really did amazing with her. It's like she was her own daughter and wanted to see her succeed and get further then she had been before. I love her for what she did with Sora she knew what made her tick, when Sora was the leader she knew that no matter what Sora would be in the back of the line because that's where Sora always felt comfortable. Then when Sora stayed in the front of the line one day she was so excited to share it with me like that's the type of teacher every parent dreams for she's real and she's amazing.

We finally know that our Sora Kairi is on the low end of the spectrum for autism and guess what? we still love her the same nothing has changed she is still our Sora. A diagnoses doesn't and shouldn't change anything but I do know some people act very different towards her now like shes broken or something. I try to not let it effect me but it does, i'm her mom and I don't want anyone making her feel like she's different etc...

On Wednesday she graduated from kindergarten and now she gets to go to first grade more confident knowing so much more and now in special needs yaaaah. We all love her so much and just want her to go far in life now matter what she wants to do which is still a paleontologist going on 4 years now :D I can totally see her doing that when she grows up too.

These two handsome men in my life were waiting for our Sora to walk down in her cap and gown

She was so precious and cute 

I love how she is the only one who took her cap off and waving hehe 

Her AMAZING teacher 

I made my first metal hand stamped necklace for her, I had like an hour to make it. I know it's not perfect but I made it with love for sure..she was Sora's anchor this year so I knew I bought these anchors like years ago for a reason :)

Sora and Trent

Tata and Sora

Taid and Sora

Nana and Sora

Me and my baby girl

We all went out to brunch afterwards and we picked up this not so little girl anymore at school seeing she still had two days left, so she got out early to go eat some yummy food.

I made Sora's skirt which I will do a tutorial on it's so easy you could whip up a dozen in like 20 minutes. I just love the print of this fabric it reminds me of Arizona, my home.

I will have a lot more personal, craft, food, everything blogs I want to try to post something every day I have a blog schedule written out that I want to stick to. That's what i'm going to try and do I hope you like what you see and stick around because I think i'm going to this time..


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