September 3, 2015

Tutorial ~ Narwhal fabric stamping, Don't forget about the lost unicorns of the sea!

Tutorial ~ Narwhal Stamping 

foam (you can get a 20 pack at the 99 cent store)
paint brush

First things first you need to come up with a designs you want your fabric to be, I choice Narwhals because anyone who knows me right now knows i'm obsessed with Narwhals. The easiest thing to do is google search the picture you want and just outline it on to a piece of paper, cut it out and then place your picture on top of one foam sheet and trace it. Cut it out and you can trace it on to 1 or 2 more pieces of foam so you get a stamp that is not flimsy and will hold up when your stamping. 

I then grab my glue gun glue all the foam pieces together and then glue a clothes pin on the back so I have something to hold on to while stamping. May look cheap but hey....gets the job done doesn't it?

If you have been on my blog for a while now you know this is the fabric paint I use, best fabric paint around and ALWAYS be sure to iron it once it is completely dry to your fabric.

You can now just begin by getting your paint and putting it on your stamp, then stamp away it only took me about 10 minutes to stamp the entire cardigan. Make sure when you put the stamp down you press around the foam just so all the paint gets off the stamp and on to your fabric.

With the clothes pin there it's much easier to pick it up, i'm sure you could think of other things to put on the back of the stamp to help you. I just used what was on hand.

Viola let it completely dry and give it a good press with the iron to set the paint in to the fabric.

Next I just grab some mod podge (I've had for ever) and put some on every horn to give it a little bling, because Narwhals really do shine when they swim in the ocean with there horns :o)

I couldn't find my rhinestone tool but I found this little gadget in my crafting box and used it otherwise there are rhinestone tools out there that help with the small pieces get to the spot they need to. It works awesome, just couldn't find it...what's new

let them all dry and then you can sew your piece together. This was for the awesome GOODALL CARDIGAN from Petit a Petit which will be on sale soon.

Don't forget about our little lost unicorns of the sea even 1 degree difference in the Arctic they can die they're very sensitive to lots of changes and with global warming they will be gone before we know it. Which is so damn sad because who fault is that? OURS, just remember this is the only home we will ever know and were destroying it every day.


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