September 10, 2015

Cocoon Dress by Heidi and Finn

I really cannot tell you how excited I was to finally get to test for Heidi and Finn her patterns are amazing and she definitely didn't fail on this dress. The Cocoon Dress is so unique and something EVERY little girl needs in her life, the way the dress is shaped is just like a cocoon. Christine did a great job with finding how to get a pattern to work just for you with just getting the right type of fabric. This test was so easy because every pattern piece already fit right in to place and the dress fit on Chloe like it's suppose to. Chloe LOVES the Cocoon dress she wants to wear it every day when she gets home from school (she goes to charter school so she has to wear a uniform).

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Right now the Cocoon Dress is on sale for a very short time so you must go grab it before it goes up to normal price here usd (united states dollar) on etsy it's only 6.17 so, I know prices are different for where everyone lives :) so yes this is a must grab so cheap for something that looks SO expensive.

Pattern Design:
12 mths to 12 yrs
Cocoon Shape
Exposed Zipper or Button Closure
Stable Knit fabrics focused on Volume vs Drape

I made size 10/11 for Chloe with pockets and an exposed zipper, The Cocoon Dress fits her PERFECT and guess what I did it again because, I like to bend the rules sometimes just to see if it will work, I used regular woven fabric eek. Look it worked out SO good and the shape stays, it's perfect I didn't have to change sizes or anything so you could use woven even though Christine says to use a stable knit like neoprene, scuba knits etc.

I love the pockets they work so well with the dress and how it doesn't effect the shape of the dress, perfection.

I love that the dress has either an exposed zipper or you can do a button closure. The exposed zipper I thought would look the best for the dress I was making with the cat fabric and its did because the zipper matches perfectly.

So not only can you make a dress like this, Christine from Heidi and Finn made it so you can have a color blocked Cocoon Dress as well. Either way you can make the Cocoon Dress in 30 mins to an hour for beginners it's such a fast sew you will have a handful made up in one day and then your daughter/s will look like high end fashion every time she/they walk out of the house.

I have Chloe and Sora to make a ton for, Sora likes the color block look so i'll be making that kind for her and Chloe will get the original like the one she is wearing in the pictures.

Head on over to Heidi and Finn and Grab your Cocoon Dress you won't be disappointed and it's on sale so there is no losing with this dress :D


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