August 3, 2015

Space.. Part 1

Anyone who knows me or has me on facebook knows I'm obsessed with space or anything that has to deal with space. Erik (my husband) and I teach our children Science/ Space if you want to say everyone has to have a religion Science is our religion and I'm not talking Scientology I don't know how many times people have said that to me like really?

I have been looking in to a lot of things lately once I graduate with my BSN I will be joining the Air Force and work for a couple of years and then head back to school to get another degree (specific) because I'm going to filling out the application to join the Astronaut Candidate Program. I have a lot to do before hand but I think this is what I was born to do, and I'm going to try and pursue it, if I don't get in it's okay I still have my career that I will still be doing :o). 

It's a lot to take in with me having my three little ones but I'm not even to that point yet in life ( but I SO wish I was) where I would be leaving them for basic training etc. I wish some times life would have turned out different but yet at the same time this is exactly what was suppose to happen in my life. All the struggle were suppose to lead me to what i want to do in my life now, and I couldn't be more set in what I want to accomplish and what I WILL accomplish.

I hate when people say to me well what about your family why do you want to just leave them? I just have to say to them who ever said I was leaving them? I'm not going any where I will be with my children always even if it's on skype from anywhere, they will always be with me and they have the greatest father ever to take care of them if I have to leave at any point in life. 

I really can't even describe to you how excited I am for life now life seem so bleak at points in my life growing up and now it seems like everything is truly going to work out this time and I'm so hopeful for it. I guess sometimes your life is suppose to go on a roller coaster of every emotion any one could go through and depression to finally see what your purpose is hopefully suppose to be. Now its time to make it all come true and be that person you want to be so damn bad.

I'm sticking with Buzz Aldrin we need to get our ass to Mars NASA. This guy I swear I love him he seems to get younger everyday. The FIRST (well second if you want to be technical) man to ever walk on the moon, now is going to get people to Mars. He is amazing and you should follow him on facebook because he is always posting the coolest things ever and if your a space nerd like me he is a must to follow :o).

If you don't know this picture by now I'm sorry to tell you, you're not lost in space. PLUTO oh you sweet little planet, dwarf planet, rock, I have to say you look like a cute little planet to me and the amazing Neil deGrasse Tyson should reinstate you as the planet you were when I was growing up as a kid. Either way you should know we're all giving you a heart back and letting you know we didn't forget about you, Pluto. 

This pictures is the first selfie stick ever know :o) Buzz I swear you know what your doing ha. Seriously this picture is just amazing to see Earth in the background is always so breathtaking to me. 

And here is the first selfie from space (again Buzz) 

Our Solar system is now complete and this is the coolest picture ever,

And please don't ever forget this..because I think some of you do!!

The Hubble is such a beauty and takes pictures you sometimes can't even comprehend. 

(my picture)

Every time it's Christmas or a birthday for my children my brother and sister in law, are the best aunt and uncle ever because, they will get them educational toys and always a book or two with it. Now that's gift's done right, I swear they get them the best gifts I could ever ask for when Chloe opened these books up I almost died haha. We have read them so much they are seeing the bear in the sky :D (no joke) 

Full Moon with a difference - look close, Stand in just the right place and be quick on the shutter. (NASA/Bill Ingalls) Astronaut Chris Hadfield. (yesterday)

Sora gets Carl Sagan :)

Saturn dress I made out of recycled fabric 

Chloe with her first telescope 

I tend to make a bunch of space type outfits for my girls, I just can't help it at this point....

I just can't get enough of anything space, science, and of course dinosaurs because of my daughter (if you don't know Sora my daughter who's 6 since she was 3 has been saying she is going to be a paleontologist and it's still going strong :), we just help her along with her dreams with books etc) I guess I just want my children to have the biggest open mind so when they're older they were never sheltered from just one thing and don't know about the bigger picture etc.  When Chloe, Sora, and Trent are older I want them to choose for them selves if they want to be religious or an artists, paleontologist, superhero (he's 3 haha right now Trent's superman, wait no hes the flash at the moment) ANYTHING. I just don't want something to hold them back in life I want their wings to be spread now so they can fly as far as possible by the time they're adults. 

I'm going to have a lot more on my ramblings on space/ sciences and anything else that pops into my head along the way...for now it's getting to my ultimate goal in life sooner rather then later right now :) 


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