August 27, 2015

New Craft Area Plus, Mascot Cotton Candy.

When we downsized almost 2 years ago we went from a three bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment (looks like a condo in away) so all our shit got thrown every where. With me being in pain so much from the Essure then getting the hysterectomy I had no time to do anything to the house. So our house always looked like a garbage dump just because there were bags and crap every where, even when I would pick up it still looked awful. So about 5 months ago I said enough is enough I'm still hurting but I'm working through the pain and I have been ( some days are better then others) cleaning like crazy. I have thrown out about 45% of our house SO FAR I still got A LOT to do. 

I have been slowly going through each room the first room I did well Erik helped me on this one was the kids room the girls have bunk beds (which I'm in the process of painting), Trent has a toddler bed.  After this past Christmas it had gotten SO bad in their room I couldn't handle it anymore, I took every single thing out of there room and EVERYTHING they didn't play with any more went in the trash. 

It came out to 10 TEN bags of toys and then other big toys that couldn't fit in bags. The best part 30 minutes after taking everything to the trash every single bag was taken and a women came over and thanked us so much she said she just got custody of her granddaughter and didn't have that many toys well she has a ton now :). The kids room is SPOTLESS now and it still has been about 5 month later and they LOVE it that way then the way before. 

Next I started down stairs and I took everything I put under our stairs and threw it away and re arranged the living room cleaning every little corner along the way. Then i just kept moving I threw away two big bin fulls of fabric away GASP I know but I just I just can't do this clutter crap anymore. I still have enough fabric to clothe the military, so it's not like I threw all of fabric away I think I would have gone insane at that point in life. 

Next I got to our table it had so much crap on it I had been keeping it clean and then I just let it go and things started piling up and it was a night mare. So I really wanted a craft area for the kids because every time they wanted to color or paint or anything crafting related they had no space to do it and I never knew where any crayons etc were.

I went and I cleaned the table off I finally brought down the cans of formula that were from Trent was a baby, cleaned them out wrapped them in pretty paper labeled them and put them in a shoe box that i haven't cover yet. I then had a clear box that silver ware use to go in and I put the glue sticks and other goodies in there, I had a very old paper stack that was super lose I tighten the screws and it was perfect placed paper in it to craft with computer paper on top and all different colors on the bottom so they would stay organized and I could also grab the computer paper when I needed it.

 Everything you would ever want to craft with is on the table which makes me really excited because as a mom and person who LOVES to craft and make pieces. I was really happy my babies got a place to create master pieces that will stay with us forever. Since putting the craft area together they have crafted almost everyday we all sit down now together and eat dinner, also this is were the girls do there homework. I put the craft area together a week before they start school so it was perfect.

I also wanted to display their work some how so it's been 2 years here and I still have never put a picture up until about 3 months ago haha omg so damn sad. so this spot above the table still had nothing so I though hey there wait a minute lets put a pretty tack in their art and hang it up. I LOVE how it looks having their work displayed for everyone who walks in our home can see :o)

Isn't this diamond piggy bank the best? Ugh just love it and guess what it was only 50 cents, we had two of them the other one was pink but Chloe broke it, so we are going to get her another one if no one else has snatched them up. I told the girls now that you have a piggy back (Chloe does have another piggy bank but I love these one) every penny, every dime, anything you find on the floor, road, store pick it up and put it in your piggy bank it will add up, even if you feel like it does.

And the colorful licorice is going to be a tutorial coming up I'm so excited to share with you what I'm going to do with them :D eeek I bough them at Sprouts. 

Last our Mascot Cotton Candy the Flamingo isn't he the cutest little mascot around hehe the kids love him. Trent wanted to add in dac the pterodactyl dinosaur :) Sora got about 8 blow up dinosaurs all different kinds there super cool that will be another post because I want to take a picture of Sora with all of her dinosaur stuff. 

So our craft area is pretty cool if I do say so my self, if I had more room of course it would be better but I'm making it work with what space we have and I think I did a pretty good job. Cotton Candy watches over all of our crafts when were not he so nothing gets stolen :o)


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