July 17, 2015

Watermelon Toes

{Watermelon Toes}

Last night I was painting on (real) leather with nail polish ( tutorial coming up tomorrow) and I thought hey it would be really cute to do something new and fun on my toes as I had half painted some not even painted toes haha don't judge me to much.

So I thought i'm loving watermelon theme right now even though I HATE watermelon (yes, I know i'm insane). I went and grabbed some of the girls nail polish and went to town, It may look uneven and a little wonky but i'm okay with that.  I'm a real person on the other end of this blog of mine and I'm not one of those blogs were if one thing is out of place all you worry about is getting judged, if I get judge so be it I don't have time for that and I chose to not make time for it.

If you want to have some watermelon toes here's the run down first coat those toes of yours with either pink or red polish I did two coats of pink. Then take your green nail polish it doesn't have to be perfect clearly look at mine, run the green across the top of all your toes, once dry take your black nail polish and add your seeds/dots. Let dry, then admire your newly painted toes.

I hate my feet I hate how wide they are and the length of my toes are weird haha yeah. But go figure I married a man who is a feet person and he LOVES my feet, like what the hell is so special about feet I guess all men have that one thing they like about their women. We have been married for almost 9 years (in October)  and he still loves everything about my feet hehe he gives two thumbs up for my watermelon toes :o)

Trent had to get his little foot in while I was trying to some how get pictures of these feet of mine :) 

If you try your take on some watermelon toes or any other fruit let me know I would love to see how they came out you can always email as well.


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