July 14, 2015

Tutorial: The Strawberry

I thought I would share a very easy tutorial today you can use it as a hair accessory or a clothing accessory as a brooch or hair clip. I have a couple of these fun easy diy clips to share and today its going to the the strawberry.


I just made a simple drawing of what I thought the best strawberry would look like ( I will try and make a pdf of the pattern soon) then I cut two of each out the strawberry and the leaves.

I took the puffy paint, you can use any paint I just had this on hand and I just made tiny little dots all over one of the strawberry bases. then set a side to dry ( I put mine in the freezer to dry faster lol ).  

With the strawberry base that doesn't have paint on it I folded it in half and cut two slits in it, so I can slip a head band in it or bobby pin etc. You could also instead of doing what I did just hot glue a brooch clip or hair clip to it and not have it be interchangeable.

Once it has dried line it up with your second piece and do a blanket stitch (<--tutorial soon) all the way around it securing it.

Like so, 

Now you want to add the leaves to it place one under the strawberry base and add one on top so the base is sandwiched between the leaves.

I was going to do a blanket stitch for the leaves but then I just decided to do a quick up and over stitch. 

Now your done so put your pretty new strawberry to use, I made them for my daughter's I will be getting a bunch of pictures of them wearing all the new hair clips I have made for them (and adding them to this post in the next few days). I will also be using them as brooches seeing i'm all about brooches right now especially cute ones :o) 

Tomorrow's tutorial: The Cactus


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