July 31, 2015

The TIP top & dress by Petit a Petit

I can officially say I have a handful of favorite pattern designers but, Celina from Petit a Petit is my #1 the designs she creates are so unique and different, you know your not going to see it any where else. A lot of other designers (not bashing anyone at all, because i'm so jealous of anyone who can create pdf's) I find them creating the same thing as other designers with maybe a little difference. With Celina your getting something so refreshing and a piece you need in your collection of patterns (if your a pattern hoarder like me) and you will find your self using her patterns over and over again. 

I was so honored that I got to test her newest pattern the TIP top tunic and dress
size 6m-12yrs
A flowy top tunic or dress with double semi circle sleeves, welt pockets, pleats and hem facing. 
With 3 options on how to sew the neck.

Celina has the most amazing patterns around there is a list of other reason why I love her patterns. She always uses correct terms for each piece for her patterns, and for instance if she is doing a pattern for both girls and boys like the MOROCCO shorts she will make sure which side the zipper goes on. Those tiny details that so many even experienced designers and sewers would miss, she has them all down so you know your sewing up your garment perfect in every sense of the word.

I did the double semi circle sleeves Option A: Pleats with a keyhole opening. So I didn't have any fabric in mind and every time I go to sew a piece up I always think okay, I have such and such fabric I have enough i'm good. Then when I go get the fabric to sew I start freaking out because I always feel like I really don't have enough I hate when my brain does this to me but, this time I was extremely happy I did this to me. Because after cutting out three, THREE TIP tops I finally thought okay ENOUGH already Amanda what fabric do you want to sew this amazing pattern out of and i'm obsessed with watermelons right now.  
hence my toes

I thought watermelons are a rave right now ( I may HATE the taste of them but I LOVE the way they look) and that is what I did I went with it. I grabbed hot pink woven fabric,  green silk fabric and real leather for the seeds, I cut all the pieces of fabric out that I need for the top and option A. Then I sat down with my scissors and leather and went crazy cutting out what seemed liked thousands of little raindrop shaped seeds.  When I thought what seemed enough, I was going to sew each one up but with the leather being so thick I just grabbed that trusty glue gun of mine and went to town. :o)

Everything about the TIP top is perfection the way the sleeves flow the way the top fit on your child even right down to the keyhole closure it was all made with your little one in mind. Chloe loved the way it looked and that it was a watermelon because my children and husband could eat it everyday of their life, my babies defiantly get it from their daddy, not me. Erik is always munching on it haha but I don't mind because I love the smell of it I know i'm such a weirdo.

Instead of flipping the hem on the inside like the directions call for on the TIP top I flipped it on the outside so it looks like the bottom on the watermelon. I also used the green for the neckline so now it kind of looks like your looking at it if we had x ray vision the skin is on the top and bottom but we can see the juicy inside :) 

The keyhole was a perfect addition to the fun top, I did the bias pink for the keyhole and sewed on a ponytail for the closure along with sewing on a great vintage button I got from SAS because I ALWAYS have to grab buttons when I head there literally every other weekend if I can :D.

I paired this top with a great pair of floral printed denim jeans and a great pair of high top boots she threw on a bunch of bracelets, I did a little fun twist to her hair and threw it in a ponytail (I don't know if you can see her hair where I shaved it in the back it's starting to grow back :o) ) 

You better grab the TIP top tunic and dress while its on sale (no code needed) but, even if it wasn't I would still be grabbing it faster then the flash and while you're there drool all over her other patterns and you better put them in the cart :D


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