January 19, 2015

Paper Birch Pants from The Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The Paper birch Pants~ the tie waist and cuffed hem allow the pant to grow with your child, and it can be made for boys and girls!!!

I'm so excited to show these amazing pants that I got to test for The Fiddle-Leaf Fig shop and facebook page Paula has a eye for new designs when it comes to children wear and it's truly great, Fresh new perspective on an old classic staple to children wardrobes. 

The Paper Birch Pants are such a fun pair of pants to wear as well as to sew up they are so easy even when you look at the pieces and might think it maybe hard it truly isn't they're done in about 30 minutes SUPER fast. 

The front have a fun new looking pocket with the pants not just being 2 pattern pieces but 4, and the back is a 2 pattern piece with square pockets.

I love cuff pants, just something about them it adds something new to the pants even if its just flipping your pants inside out a few inches.

those front pockets are really deep going past his little knees once he discovered them he was glued and putting the little toy he was holding in and out of them.

my 2 year old is OBSESSED with superman he can say ever other super heroes name but when it comes to Super man him he is just calls him man, it's because it's his main super man :o)

he has his little super hero high tops on with his man pants, the waist has a flat front and a tie that has elastic sewed on to each sides and threaded through the waist. With two little belt loops the tie runs through each side and then you just tie as tight as need be. 

Even though Trent is tiny as can be he still looks so cute in these size 2 Paper Birch Pants which I think he would have fit perfect in a size 1 but now he will have these pants to grow in to over the next year when he finally decides to grow.

So please go pick up the pattern here  on craftsy or etsy you truly won't be disappointed in the quality of this pattern I will be making a dozen not just for my son but for my daughters as well because that's the best part they are UNISEX :D you cannot go wrong with that one pattern and you can use it for both sexes i'm down for ALL of those types of patterns so I hope you make a bunch and don't for get to show them off on my her facebook page

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