January 20, 2015

Koda Bustle Skirt from Koda Baby Boutique

Can you say the cutest bustle skirt ALIVE I think so and guess what you can make one your self by heading over to Koda Baby Boutique  it's a super easy skirt to put together, it may look like it would be really hard but it's truly a simple bustle skirt.

And that BOW right, isn't that the coolest thing you have ever seen? yeah that's what I thought :o)

The koda bustle skirt has a petti skirt so it makes it a bit full (tiny bit not huge), I was a little weary at first because I have never made one before, but goodness was it is easy to make I had no idea just how easy it really could be to whip up a petti skirt part in about 10 minutes and the lace ruffle in the front is just one ruffle across the front to make it seem that it has ruffles going all the way up.

Sora knows this skirt rocks and every little girls should have one ;o)

So she let her old sister Chloe have add it and guess what it fits perfect on both my babies, oh how I love these girls.

If you would like to make a half a dozen or more for the little ones in your life please pick it up HERE
that HUGE bow is just awesome with those ruffles. You don't have to use lace that is just what I had on hand and thought it would go perfect with the look I was going for, I was so right. So when making the koda bustle skirt  you can use all types of fabric to make the ruffles for the bustle it all turns out perfect there is no wrong or right when make the Koda Bustle Skirt. 

Chloe and Sora know this skirt is perfect and they fight over it all the time so I guess its times to make another ones so they can both have their own :o) 

Also head over to her Facebook page and show her some love :) 

Amanda Rose

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