January 20, 2015

Bubble Skirt by Fresh Stitch Patterns

When I got the chance to test the bubble skirt pattern I was stumped on what fabric to use and last minutes I decided to use my Japanese fabric eeek and my suede to make a different and totally awesome looking bubble skirt.

So one side of the bubble skirt is a blue printed Japanese fabric and the back in a black color but you really can't see it in the photo but, it's really cool how it looks with the two different fabric sewed together.

The inside of the bubble skirt is the suede fabric so its really soft against her skin, she kept saying it was really soft on the inside :o)

this is a size 7 skirt and she is 8 but she is still my skinny mini and it fit her to a T right at the waist and then hits right at the knee just how it was suppose to fit.  

The bubble skirt is BEYOND easy to make you just have to have 1 inch elastic for the waist and 1/4 inch elastic for bubble effect at the bottom of the skirt, and it doesn't call for much fabric at all which is a HUGE plus for anyone starting out sew this would be a great one to start with :o)

she was doing a twirl jump so her face is blurry bit the skirt is perfect for jumping and playing in :)

Chloe looks awesome in this skirt and she has already asked for more so you all need to get your Fresh Stitch Patterns bubble skirt pattern

Amanda Rose

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