November 3, 2014

Opal knit flutter tunic top or dress pattern

Comfy and cute- Opal's got it all! Tunic and dress length, flutter sleeves, easy pull on styling. And the optional bodice ruffle and knit fabric flower (full tutorial included) or keep it simple and chic. Layer it for year round wear. ~ Tie Dye Diva
I choice to go with the ruffle bodice and it I put this dress together in under 30 minutes with the ruffle included a VERY EASY sew. The opal knit flutter tunic top and dress pattern sizes are 12-months - 10-years, this is a knit pattern but just remember once you got knit you never go back I LOVE sewing with knits but I would say for about 3 years I had knits just siting there staring at me begging to be used. I was terrified to sew knits, then one day I just started sewing a dress up in knits and I have never gone back. If your afraid of knits still like I was just try it i'm telling you, it will be the best thing you ever decided to do sewing wise, start with something small and not your good knits just in case it doesn't turn out perfect, but practice makes perfect this phrase was meant for sewing knits :o).

This picture will help you with what you will need for this very very simple to but together opal knit flutter pattern, my humpty dumpty fabric was super stretchy and rolled like crazy but having a hot iron next to you really helps with those types of knits. The triangle fabric was a less stretchy knit but the feel of it is amazing, the humpty dumpty was extremely soft thin knit, the triangles were a soft thicker knit, and the ruffle was actaully a fat quarter woven :D. So guess what if you want you could mix and match fabrics I like to be a rebel and spice things up every now and then, I mean who doesn't? Woven and knits together have really been starting to get popular in the pattern world mixing the two fabrics together to make an amazing piece of  clothing.  

So please head over to Tie Dye Diva Patterns HERE and grab the amazing new pattern The Opal knit flutter tunic top and dress pattern you will use this pattern for a long time to come with the sizes starting at 12 months and ending when they're 10 years old. You can make cute little tunics in them or comfy flowly dresses also, you can make PJ nightgowns from this AMAZING pattern. So many options in one little pattern, I love when patterns have lots of different options makes customers very happy. 

Amanda Rose

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