November 3, 2014

Iceblick Top from Golden Rippy

I'm so excited today to show you about the new pattern that's out from Golden Rippy it called The Iceblink Top and the best part it's on sale right now yup you heard me right on SALE. I was honored to be able to test this pattern from Rachel she has such a great style for her patterns I love them ALL. 

This month were going up north AZ to the "North Pole Experience" so I want everything chirstmas right now so i decided to go with a red color for the main shirt and also I did a white for the bow shoulders just so it matches well. I love how it turned out 

the best part about the The Iceblink Top is that it's a high low top yup the best right! (don't mind my top back i)put my zipper in top low and the fabric is a knit (pattern calls for woven) so it goes out, easy fix) I love the detail on the shoulders of the bows so sweet and cute.

The instructions are awesome and the pattern calls for an exposed zipper but i did a fold flip zipper the next Iceblink Top i'll do an exposed zipper which i'll be making a bunch soon :o). Rachel well job on another AMAZING pattern eeek!

Thank you 
Amanda Rose

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