November 20, 2014

DIY fleece heart toy

Today i'm showing you a special piece that is close to our family, last week we had really sad news to share that my step fathers dad had passed away, he lived a good life. He was an amazing man and for as long as I knew him he was the sweetest soul there was, he lived 89 years on this earth but now he is right where he should be in the lord arms.

He had heart failure so every time you seen him he would have a pack of heart stickers and everyone he seen and I mean everyone it could be a random stranger and they would get one of his heart stickers.

He is wearing one of his heart stickers in this pictures (his two son's My step father is the middle, and his brother on the end)

So because that was the thing I think i'll always remember him by the most I decided to do this fun little tutorial today, I hope you all like it as much as we all loved receiving those special heart stickers...

Fleece Heart Toy Tutorial.....


Now time to go make a bunch and we can start handing them out to family so they can think of him every time they see a little heart pillow/toy/rattle laying around the house :)

Love and cherish life like it's your last day because, you never know how long you have!

Amanda Rose

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