October 5, 2014

Knight Hoodie Tweens/Adult sizes

I'm really excited to share with you guys a pattern I tested recently from Charming Doodle she has the kids size knight hoodie sizes 2t-10, but now the entire family can have a knight hoodie because she just made that possible this hoodie starts at size 12-2XL so it truly is for tweens and adults. kinight hoodie kid's can be found here and the Tween and Adult sizes can be found here, I made the knight hoodie adult one for my husband the size 2XL. I had the fabric here already from Erik's grandma who brings me mounds of fabric each month (love her, for real) and then I just need to get a 36 inch zipper, I had to question my self for a second do they ever have a zipper that long haha but they do and I got it for a dollar it was on sale that is pretty awesome if you ask me and it was the only 36 in left so i'm glad I got it before anyone else did.

The zipper is straight but the way Erik had it on it was swaying over and it was so hot out and the material is warm so he said its going to be great when it gets colder out which is AWESOME, first thing I made for him and he really likes it......WIN

From the side you can see the hood how it's shaped into a knights hood, also the ¨armor¨ on the shoulders and the sleeves which is kinda of harder to see because everything is the same fabric.

On the back you can see the armor on the sleeves better, but Erik was thinking it would be cool if we sewed up the armor on the sleeves on the side and turn them into pockets. I was like that actually sounds like a pretty cool idea. 

he loves the fit this is a win in our book for sure, first thing I made for him and he loves it can't be much happier then that :o).

So hurry and go get your Knights hoodie Tween and Adults HERE and even girls/women can have a Knight's hoodie as well I will be making one for the entire family for when it get's cooler out :o)

Amanda Rose

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  1. You did such a great job! Thanks SO much for testing the pattern!


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