October 20, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week day 1

I'm so excited to finally participating in the famous kid's clothes week and i'm so excited that this time around it's the theme storybook, you really can't go wrong picking out your favorite children's books and making clothing out of them eeek :)

The first day of kid's clothes week i'm doing James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl i'll be doing the outfit that the Grasshopper was wearing. While I was watching the movie (been one of my favorites since I was like 6) again and again. The outfit that the grasshopper wore was always intriguing to me, so today i'll be showing you how I made it (tutorial to come) and how my son looks in it :o) I hope you like it 

Trent the Grasshopper....

I made Trent's coat, pants and shirt, the shirt is The Maxwell shirt by Shwin and Shwin. With Trent's pants and coat I self drafted them I thought they would be faster to just self draft then try to actually find a pattern :o). I'm sure the pants wouldn't be that hard to find but I know that type of jacket would have been.

I love how it turned out all through I just finished everything about 20 minutes ago and just got Trent dressed and took him outside for pictures at 6:20 pm.....yeah terrible I know... so i'll be taking new pictures in the am and starting on my next outfit much earlier ha....slacker I was today but I do have a good excuse I heard a pop noise over my right ovary (the only thing I have left in there) and now i'm dying waahh ouch blah but, I still manged to wrangle up an outfit through the pain. 

Update so I was only able to get three more good pictures out of him he is such a stinker in the terrible 2's stage the second we let him out side he books it and there was a car coming so we just had to go in...that's my little stinker that i love so much :)

So I wasn't able to do day two today although I did so today I was sewing up a pattern i'm testing so technically I did sew which I could post about but it has nothing to do with story books...so I will have day 2 and day 3 tomorrow :o)

Amanda Rose


  1. He is so darling! Love your inspiration!

  2. this outfit is absolutely amazing!

  3. I love this! Such a fun story to draw inspiration from.


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