October 3, 2014

Greenstyle Brassie Joggers

I got to test a great pattern the other day, it was so much fun making something for me and they are so comfy i'm wearing them all over the house already i need to get grey sweater knit so I can then wear them out side of the house haha. greenstyle brassie joggers are such a fun pair of pants that come in a million lengths for real a million length, trust me you will LOVE them, super super comfy.

These brassie joggers are so much fun and so versatile its not even funny... hehe well maybe a little, but if you are super short or super long or in between or want capris or even shorts yes this pattern has ALL of those options and you can have a cuff on the ankles or not up to you on how you want your Brassie Joggers.

I used knit I had on hand it's so soft and they are going to be AWESOME for when it gets cooler out and I need pants to wear around the house, but like I said once I get the more structured grey knit I'll be wearing them EVERYWHERE no joke :o)

I used the ankle cuffs and i'm short and I love how they turned out on, I reversed the fabric for the pockets ankle cuff and waist band it's all the same fabric just some is reversed :) love fabric like that.

I'll be making a dozen on Greenstyle Brassie Joggers cooler weather is right around the corner and I haven't lost any of my weight yet since having surgery (if you read my blog you know what i'm taking about) but when I do I'll still be making more as I lose the weight :D

From Greenstyle: Greenstyle Brassie Joggers are a modern take on a baggy sweatpants, they still have all the comfort but with sleek lines, decorative stitching, and streamlined pockets to function well without adding bulk. You can wear them to the gym with your tennis shoes or the club on girl's night out with your heels! This sewing pattern comes in sized XXS up to 3XL, as a mid rise or a low rise option, lots of cut lengths from shorts to 34¨ inseam, and is a very quick sew (even for a beginner) 

By now if you don't know greenstyle patterns you need to run and I mean RUN and get every pattern they have and own them ALL I kid you not Angelyn is amazing at what she does she has amazing patterns, you will not be disappointed that is for sure.

I got a chance to make greenstyle yoga pants for girls for Perfect Pattern Parcel #5 and I made the shorts version....LOVE

Chloe my oldest daughter said these are the most comfiest shorts she has ever worn so i'm making a dozen for both my girls...and now that it's starting to get cooler out I can start making the yoga pants which will turn out just as good and be just as comfy :o)

Now like I said RUN and go get every pattern from Greenstyle Creations you will not be disappointed I can tell you that much :o).

Amanda Rose

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