September 2, 2014

TMI...I think so lol

My second bump in the road since having surgery, I have been hurting so bad for 4 days now and I wasn't sure if it was phantom pains or not. This morning I couldn't take it anymore I went in to the er and I was glad I went, they ran a cat scan and urine plus blood sample. Everything on my cat scan looked good which was great to hear but hes like you have one of the worst UTI's I've ever seen so they start antibiotics while I was there and then sent me home with 4 prescriptions.. I had a UTI at 1 week post op and now again at 4 week post op, grrrr I've had bladder infections since I was 4 years old and since having surgery I don't have the urge feeling back I just feel pressure. So he said my right ovary is hurting because it's just a really bad bladder infection, i'm so tired of bladder infection...Life is suppose to be great now with out e hell in me now I just have to go see a urologist and finally get my UTI's under control.

I have 6 sewing pieces to get done before the 5th wish me luck....

Sora has a doctor's apt tomorrow to see if she has anxiety or if its something else either way nothing changes the amount we love her and her brother and sister....

okay going to bed now

Amanda Rose

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