September 4, 2014

Pattern Parcel #4: Boys edition ( Small Fry Skinny Jeans)

I'm back with the next installment of Pattern Parcel #4 Boys edition and today i'm showing you the small fry skinny jeans by Titchy Threads so the smallest size pattern they had for this was size 3 and my tiny little man was/is drowning in them.


I really love this pattern though look how perfect these patterns and shorts turn out they look store bought and you get to say you made them.

They gave us the bigger size patterns if I would have had the smaller size patterns to test they would have fit Trent like a charm.

So even though they were really huge on Trent I still decided to make them because I wanted to make everything from the collection to show them all of the patterns although they look like floods on him he still looks cute in them haha.

Once I fix them up some I think they will look better and be a better fit so here is Trent in the Small Fry Skinny Jeans.....

And I just now seen on Titchy Threads website they have a Free size 2T Small Fry Skinny Jeans well don't I feel stupid now, that is the EXACT size I needed for Trent good grief lol what are you going to do when your so busy you just now see this. 

Well looks like i'll be making him a smaller size in the next few weeks when I have a moment of free time to start over and give the shorts all the details they need which as you can see I didn't add to his because I knew they were going to be so big on him.

Head on over and check out all the great patterns and fun things Laura has on her blog :)

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase the Pattern Parcel #4 so head to and pick them up only a little bit more time remains..

Tomorrow I'll be back with the Zippy Jacket by Blank Slate 

Amanda Rose

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