September 5, 2014

Color Block Dress blog tour

Hey everyone today i'm showing you a dress for women I don't really like to sew for my self because i'm not back to my pre-baby weight because of the fact I had essure in me but now that I had my hysterectomy i'm going to be dropping the weight once I get the go a head to work out :o)

I was so excited to test the Color Block Dress for this tour because first off I LOVE dress that make you look smaller then you really are by the way the fabric lays on the dress. That is exactly what this dress does Deby from So Sew Easy is a master pattern maker when it comes to women she really know what we need, and where we need it. hehe

How good does she look good in that dress, ooh la la :o)

It's extremely comfy I did a size bigger because nothing form fitting looks good on me right now cause my stomach is not pretty lol. but the size up is so comfy I could wear it all day long which I think I just might do.
There were more pictures my husband took of me but they're blurry :/ but this dress is great it has that form fitting look just by the way the fabric is placed every women needs this pattern ASAP.

To grab this pattern of your own and make about 20 in every color you can think of head to and pick it up she has SO many more patterns and she has a lot of free amazing patterns as well.

Head to So Sew Easy you truly will not be disappointed and I know you will not be leaving her page with out a pattern or 10 :o)

Amanda Rose

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  1. Thanks for trying out the pattern. Sounds like your husband photographer is a bit like mine, sometimes. I often have to bribe him to get him to take more than 2 photos.


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