August 23, 2014

The Persimmon Dress Remix

I'm so excited to share with you the remix version of the amazing Persimmon dress and top before became this amazing pattern shop all the amazing pattern designers needed testers to see if the pattern was a perfect fit, and I was one of the honored ones to test this one of a kind patterns out. So when I seen there was a contest for Willow and Co a back to school sewing contest I had to jump on this bandwagon. My first thought on which pattern I wanted to do immediately came to mind was the Persimmon dress and I knew that I wanted to remix it in to something a little different but still could recognize it as the Persimmon pattern.

Both my girls started school the first week of August so they have been in school for a couple of weeks now and they also wear uniforms but, you know when it comes weekend time i'm putting handmade on them. It's just what I do!

Sora my kindergartner was my model when I was a tester and I used fabrics I wouldn't normally use, but I absolutely loved the way it turned out the Persimmon pattern is so fresh and full of style there is no wrong with Willow and Co patterns.

When I thought of remixing the pattern first thing came to mind I think I want to add sleeves so I went to my drawing "notepad" and drew a few designs until I came up with one that I really liked and 2 hours later I had already finished it. I was pretty excited how fast it came together with just having a total hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, it was the first thing I have sewn since major surgery and I have to tell you it was AWESOME it felt great to have a good feeling about sewing again.

This is my remix version of the Persimmon dress and top...

I went a head and did almost everything the same but the strip down the middle is one size going all the way up, I hand stamped the x's on with a potato :o). I then added a half bodice so you can still see the inverted pleats, then I added long sleeves but folded them up because I like the folded sleeve look. 

I did the back the same exact as the front but with the back I added a pink zipper down the middle of the strip. I have to say I LOVE this dress and Chloe my second grade refuses to take it off, you always know when she likes an outfit when she repeatedly says "I love this dress and i'm never taking it off!"

It's super flowly as well which is another great detail about this pattern, the flow of the dress is spot on also it's the perfect twirl dress, I really love the colors I picked out and i'm always painting on my children's clothing so I really couldn't resist on this great piece as well.

I wanted to show a close up of the inverted pleats that they're still showing some on the bottom, that was a great detail that I really didn't want to compromise and cover up.

I know there are so many other amazing ways to remix this pattern as well as adding to the original pattern, if your wanting to make the Persimmon dress and top how the directions say or your own route you truly will not be disappointed. For a great collection of patterns head over to Willow and Co and check them out i'm sure you won't be leaving empty handed.

I'm also entering 2 other Willow and Co patterns I've made, i'm excited about this contest!...If you can't tell

Amanda Rose


  1. This looks great, love the fabric combo! fabric combo.

  2. I love the sleeves you added. Great remix!

  3. Great fabric selection! I love the mix of prints.


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