August 29, 2014

The Graduation Quilt Project

Hey everyone i'm here to show you something pretty cool for back to school picture ideas

Chloe is now in second grade and Sora just started kindergarten I can't believe both my girls are in school now, they started school the day before my surgery so it has been crazy at our house. If I would have know about this truly great inspiring project prior I would have loved to do this idea with them, I just snapped some pictures when Erik and I took them the first day.

My friend on facebook has been making quilt blocks (15x12 inch squares) each year since her son has been going to school, and the quilts are pieces of fabric of everything he likes that year.  It could be cars or a color that your child likes and then you cut out small squares or rectangles (or another shape if you would like) then you sew them together to make quilt blocks and in the middle you put what school year it is. In the end she will sewing all the quilts together to make a quilt top. So many ideas can be done with this amazing and very unique idea which I love, that's why i'm showing it all with you.

(courtesy of Katie Sharp)

The graduation quilt, how great is this idea I've seen some back to school ideas with a picture with your little one holding what grade he/she are in but, making a quilt means it will last a life time and when he or she get's older you can give it them for a graduation present. I really think I should start my girl's quilt squares and just catch up this is by far my favorite idea to date. 

(courtesy of Katie Sharp)

Not only do you have the quilt to last a lifetime but you have your little ones holding up each graduation quilt. Watch them grow in each picture every year with a new quilt square and see how colorful it will be when the quilt squares are all joined to make a special quilt top. When you're older it's hard to remember what you liked when you were little now you can look at your graduation quilt and take a peek at what year you wanted to remember, then you can see for your self "oh yeah I loved boats etc".  

I know boy or girl, man or women would love to get this present as your graduation gift, the work your mom or even dad put into this amazing piece will have your heart skipping a beat knowing how much you're loved by just a simple but very meaningful quilt.

Thank you so much Katie for letting me show off your very inspiring piece that I know your children will cherish always, keep up the great work I would love to see what other amazing new pieces/ideas you can come up with!

I have a few contests and tutorials I must have done with in the next few weeks so the better I start feeling the more you will see of this girl starting to feel like her old self again. Until then start sewing those quits up and send me a picture of what yours looks like ( and I can show Katie I'll also do a blog post on any pictures I get, also make sure you share away on pinterest so we can see lots of new graduation quilt's every where :)

Amanda Rose

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