August 26, 2014

Ash Jumpsuit Remix

Here is my second post for Willow and Co back to school contest, i'm really loving this fun idea I couldn't just stop with one. I really don't have a favorite from Willow and Co because I truly love them all equally they are just great patterns from very talented artistes/women.

The Ash Jumpsuit is such a fun little jumpsuit for the little ladies in your life I thought hmm how can I spice this up just a bit or maybe a lot haha, I love the original design but I wanted to show how far you can go with changing some patterns...which is awesome....VERSATILE :o)

I have to say I LOVE how this can be a one piece or two piece just AWESOME!!

So here is my version of the Ash Jumpsuit.....

 So I didn't use any elastic in my jumpsuit and I went a little crazy with the fabric but, I have to say I LOVE how it turned out, and the back has a zipper to get on and off. Also my Jumpsuit have a regular bodice and sleeves!

The pants go all the way down but I really like them folded up.

She's fly, haha love her 

Zipper going all the way down the bodice for easy on and off.

Chloe refuses to take this jumpsuit off she's still wearing it and wants to wear it to bed (but she's not), my girls wear uniforms all day at school so she excited I made her something really comfy and it's not a dress for once. I think because it's so different and something I wouldn't normally make is why I think she likes it that much more. 

I'm really glad I made it though it turned out just how I envisioned it, all the patterns are pretty easy to whip together.  So don't forget to check out Willow and Co patterns they also have fabric for sale! You can never go wrong with great patterns and awesome fabric to go with it :o) 

I have one more to show you which will be up tomorrow 

Amanda Rose

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