July 23, 2014

love these pictures of Sora..life update

I have SO much to get done but i'm just going to get all the pictures done and while i'm laying in bed all next week recovering from my hysterectomy i'll be able to upload and update all the patterns I've reviewed and let everyone in on a little sneak peek of what i'm going to be apart of the next couple of months :D.

 Once i'm done blogging about all the patterns I've tested for everyone else, i'll be getting caught up on some tutorials I've been wanting to get done. Like this panda dress and my pom pom scarf which I have for sale in my shop right now which I really would love for them to go to a great home and get used instead of sitting in plastic covering and in packing envelopes in a bin in my closet :(.

How cute would they be together or separate HEAD HERE to look around at my shop and see if you would like to grab anything for your little one. Right now i'm about to have my hysterectomy on Monday because of essure that has ruined my life for the past two years, and my husband has a disability so with bills coming and going i'm freaking out just a "little". I just want life to be stress FREE!

Life can be so good just look at her face and my other two we live for our children, but it's so hard at the same time when all I want is to just make it in life. I just want my children to be happy, and I feel like i'm failing them which makes me so upset, I hate it...I just want them to know I love them and when I graduate school with in the next year or so life will be better but until then it's going to be trying times.

When my babies know when i'm having a hard day in a ton of pain they try cheering me up anyway they can making me laugh, picking up with out being told, just saying they love me.

                                                              I love them, they're my life

            Random update, not really and update just venting, not really venting just stressed....idk..life

                                                                      Amanda Rose

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