July 24, 2014

Golden Rippy- Delilah Pattern Tour

Hi Everyone today is my day to show you all how I made the Delilah pattern, now I was honored to be a tester for the girls version the Dahlia top HERE. The girls version is still one of my favorite patterns to make, and hand stamping fabric is my thing I loved making plain fabric and turning it in to something you want and love. I also had a tutorial to go with my blog pattern review showing you how I stamped the fabric :), with this pattern here the delilah I wasn't a tester but, honored still to get to review it so I did a whole new twist on it.

 Here's the Dahlia pattern i'm actually selling it you can buy it HERE

So for the AWESOME new delilah top I thought yes I would love to review this top seeing how much I loved Rachel's other pattern she own's Golden Rippy you should run on over to her page and check out her amazing blog, her great tutorials, everything's in one spot EXACTLY how I've always wanted my blog to be like ( and it's slowly getting there, finally).  Also we all have facebook you, yeah i'm talking to you so go over to her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/goldenrippy and click that like button, so you don't miss out on any thing ever again. We all know this is the beginning of this amazing womens talent and I for one will not be missing out on what's next to come :)

The delilah top can also be turned into a DRESS :) so I was printing out the pattern taped it together I did the size xl, and with it being so hot I had this great jersey knit super breathable and when I cut out the fabric put it up to me my husbands like is that a dress ooo I like it. Then I was like no it's a shirt but hey that's a GREAT idea to show just how versatile these patterns truly are, I made a dress and I have to tell you all i'm making about 20 more. This is the best dress I've ever worn its so comfy seriously you have no idea I forget i'm wearing this great looking dress cause i'm just laying in it because it's loose fitting, slinky fabric but very light weight and i'm just so comfy in it.  With my health problems lately (you can read on my blog if you want to or not) this is the best thing for me to wear now and for the next couple of months so I will be making a ton more just so I can stay comfy after everything i'm going to go through :)

 I love how it's not tight feeling and I don't feel fat in it at all, I haven't lost any weight from my last child 2 years ago so to wear this and feel comfortable in it is a big deal to me. Even my husband was like wow your wearing a dress and not complaining about anything, it's because it hides your flaws and actually makes you look good :) 

The DELILAH top is a fun beginner knit top (or dress :D ) with half sleeves or short sleeves built in. The arm and hip bands can be made in a contrasting fabric for more fun. The drop sleeves and roomy fit mean that it’s super comfortable! You can make a pretty bow or choose to add some flowers. I decided to make a dress out of the pattern and was thinking about adding a bow to it but thought the dress already had such a huge statement with the way the fabric print was laid out. but for the next dozen i'll be making shirts and dress's adding both bows and flowers on, and i'll blog about them all so everyone can see how awesome this pattern truly is, you really can't go wrong with it. Also if you have a little girl you can buy both of Rachel's patterns and have mommy and daughter matching shirts or dress's ;).

This awesome pattern includes:
illustrated instructions
six sizes  XXS to XL
2 sleeve lengths
2 embellishment options a big bow for the shoulder or flowers going down the shoulder
printing guide
pattern layout guide
28 page PDF pattern download to make the top
fabric yardages for 45″ and 60″ widths
pattern pieces with seam allowances
professionally designed and graded pattern

The print stays on the bottom part of the dress all the way around I love this fabric and I think I have enough for a little one for one of my daughters :)

Trent my youngest last baby and only boy was trying to tell me there was a ball in the tree he kept pointing up and saying ball, ball, and i'm just like kiss lol...then I looked up and sure enough there was a ball stuck in the tree he has a good eye cause it was way up there and you could barely see it.

Thank you Rachel for letting me review this incredible pattern you have such an eye for fashion and I truly cannot wait to see what you have next in store for everyone to make and enjoy. I will cherish both these patterns for a long time and will be making matching mommy and daughters (both my girls) outfits when we have a special event or outing to go to. 

The Designer Rachel her self wearing her amazing Delilah top with the great bow option head over to her blog you wont be sorry I can tell you that much. Keep up with the great work, and thank you again for letting us all test, review, and try out all your hard work because it truly pays off in the end. Nothing but happy customers and smiling faces of the people big or small in your patterns made into works of art.

Don't forget to check out everyone else who signed up for the blog tour see what kind of  awesome delilah top they came up with, fabric choice etc, i'll be following along so I hope you will be as well. 

Amanda Rose

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