June 24, 2014

Sneak peek of some reviews A LOT to get through

I have about 10 blog post I need to write up about all the patterns i'm testing, i'm way behind but like in my previous post I will feel good one day and the next day I will feel like complete ass plain and simple. This Thursday I get my hysterectomy scheduled YAH! so here are a few pictures of patterns i'll be blogging about/reviewing them very very very soon. I'm true to my word I do blog about all the patterns I test but with my health sucking lately I've just gotten behind but I will be up to date soon. Thank you all again for letting me be able to test all these awesome wonderful patterns :)

matinee dress and peplum top this is one of the best dresses I've tested in a long long while I can't wait to show you the back its AMAZING

 Baby boy boxers I hand stamped these tiny little things are the cutest things ever I cant wait to show you them and the thousands i'm making Trent because we are potty training his little butt :)

 Tinley tee I hand stamped the shirt and show you the different ones I made as well and different styles this one has

Boy's Shirt No.7 Pattern and I made matching shirts with them I will have a tutorial with this one with the 4 other shirts I made from this pattern :)

Raglan sweatshirt and dress this one is the hi low also making two dresses with this pattern and a plackard back with one of them.

This is the boys raglan sweatshirt and dress pattern I hand painted a green lantern symbol on and made him matching patterns.

I also have a couple more patterns to blog about but don't have pictures yet so yeah I have a lot to blog about the next few weeks. With getting my hysterectomy I hope to have everything sewn with pictures done and then I can just lay around and blog about all these awesome patterns and reviews :)

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