May 8, 2013

Our sweet little boy (results)

Yesterday Erik and I headed to Children's Cardon Hospital at noon so our sweet little boy could get tested for cystic fibrosis. Trent's peds was concerned because he has always been in the 3% tile for weight and height so she wanted to either rule it out or find out if he has it and then go from there. All three of our children have been tiny so Erik and I were really hopeful that he was little just like his sisters. So my amazing mom took the girls for us so we could take our son and have all attention on him while we were there. My mom took the girls to go see the croods and then they went and played at the park so they had fun with grandma :).
Trent is a really emotional little boy he only likes to go to either me or Erik so I was afraid when the nurses were messing with him, he would have a full on fit and start crying but to our surprise he didn't cry not once and was actually smiling and talking away to the nurses :) it could be he was on his daddy the entire time but he was really good which made his mama happy!!

he is such a sweet thing but if you have ever seen him in real life you would see just how small he is, he is the size of an average 8 month old so when I say he will be one next Friday (may 17th) no one can believe it.....everyday I get awww he is so cute, me: thank you, how old is he, me: he will be one soon, omg hes so little...yes I know lol 

when he first got his little (should say) "leg band" he was trying to rip it off which i'm sure most little ones try to do but he quickly forgot about it :) 

we had the best nurse her name was Nancy she came and got us from the waiting room and she was the one who did the sweat test on him she seriously made Erik and my day she was so funny and just full of life.

The nurse put a blanket around the little electrodes I guess you could say not really sure what they were, there was a red one and a black one. I guess what they do is you put them how ever far apart they need to be from one another she first put on some chemical for him to sweat in those spots and they test the sweat from each "electrode" and determines how much you have, 60 and above mean you most likely have cystic fibrosis. 

Trent didn't care at all he was eating graham crackers, gold fish, cheese, etc a bunch of stuff :) I was just happy he was in a great mood...and eating :)

Daddy and son these two have a bond like no other, his baby boy...Its was funny the nurse walked in and shes like well geeze you don't need a DNA test for that baby he is your mini me (talking to Erik) he was laughing...

Trent did start to get a little antsy so the nurse brought him some toys to play with he had to get the sweat test to both legs and it took an hour each. So I could under stand him getting ready to move around when he had to stay still, but he only started getting like that about 10 mins before he was done.

And at the end when we were getting ready to head home, he got a little toy that he has been playing with since it makes a lot of noises lol...I really like the Cardon children's Hospital they are only like a year or two old but I have loved all the nurses we took Sora there when she decided to shove the ear plug up her nose HA and she got a toy as well :) 

So all in all we are very happy to say that our tiny little man is healthy and does NOT have cystic fibrosis the nurse was able to tell us right there. He is just like his sisters Chloe was 18 lbs when she turned 1 And Sora was 16 lbs when she turned 1. So now Trent will be 17 lbs when he turns 1 next Friday, so for now we just have to give him anything that is HIGH in fat to put butter on everything he eats and start giving him carnation instant start like we did with the girls and he will catch up just like his sisters did :)

Thank you to everyone who was thinking about our little boy!


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